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Imogen Idelson

Imogen first joined Kelly Electrics in 2013 when she was an Electrician's Mate on a rewire in Tooting. Since then her knowledge and skills have developed and flourished, she is now spreading her wings at University and is doing them proud at Summer Build 2015 where she volunteered to build a barn to hold woodchip fuel for Hooke Park’s biomass boiler. The aim of the project is to design a building to hold fuel to make Hooke Park energy self-sufficient. Check out Kelly's blog for more information and photos of Imogen at work on the project.

“Helping Kelly Electrics these last few years has been a great experience. I have always been practical and had an interest in all trades. At University I study Architecture so working with Kelly gives me a chance to apply my growing knowledge to real life construction. I love learning all about the different tools that are right for the job, as well as seeing how different trades work together on different jobs. Kelly is fantastic at teaching how to do the work safety and to the best standard”

Imogen Idelson

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