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About Solar 

Solar power isn’t new. It’s story started back in 1958 when the first solar-powered satellite was launched into space. It’s thanks to these that we can all watch TV, make phone calls and predict the weather!

A little closer to home, solar panels can use the power of the sun to generate electricity. Using this renewable energy is better for our purse and the planet, so what’s not to like? The government Feed-in-Tariff means that with solar panels on your roof you could be paid for every unit fed back into the grid, whilst enjoying a cuppa made from a kettle boiled using clean, free energy!

Is solar for me?

Luckily for us Londoners, we live in one of the top spots for producing solar power in the UK!

If you’re thinking about harnessing the power of the sun then these are the top three things to think about first. Take a look at your roof, answer the questions, then get in touch for a free quote.

  1. Is your roof South facing?
  2. Is it mostly free from shade?
  3. Is your property rated at EPC band D or higher?

Why these questions matter?
A south facing roof looks towards the sun when it is highest in the sky at midday and so has a greater potential to generate power. Trees or chimneys can affect a solar panels ability to produce power by creating shade, so ideally choose a roof that doesn’t have objects on it or nearby. You will only be able to register for the Feed-In-Tariff if your home has a good energy performance rating of band D or higher. If you’re not sure and don’t already have a certificate then an EPC assessment can be arranged.

How does it work?

  1. Get in touch! - tell us a little about you, your roof and what you want. Think about the 3 questions we asked above.
  2. Site survey – we’ll come visit to get the info we need to design and estimate the cost and performance potential of a solar system for your roof. As well as the position of the solar panels we’ll need to look at your electricity consumer unit, decide how to run the cables and where to put the solar switchgear.
  3. Contracts – if you decide to go ahead, final designs and contracts will be made and agreed upon.
  4. Installation – this usually takes 2/3 days depending on the size of your system and access to the roof. If needed scaffolding will be put up before the installation, then our team of roofers and electricians will install and wire up all the gear.
  5. Commissioning – as soon as the installation is done you will be generating power to be used in your home and be able to reduce your energy bills!
  6. Certification – we will notify the Distribution Network Office of your installation within 10 days of the installation and register it with the MCS. This means you can then apply for the FiT.

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system has 3 main parts:

  1. The PV panels, usually on your roof, turn sunlight into DC electricity and this runs through the cables back to the inverter in your home.
  2. The inverter is usually located near your household consumer unit. It is a box installed on the wall and its job is to turn the DC current generated by your solar panels to AC current. It can also monitor for faults and shut down if they occur.
  3. The meter should also be near your consumer unit and this is used to calculate the amount of electricity generated and fed back to the grid, so that you can claim the FiT.

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Kelly Vincent

The Feed-In-Tariff was a scheme introduced by the government in 2010. It allows homeowners with small-scale solar PV systems to be paid for the electricity they generate and feed back into the national grid. These rates have been reduced considerably since it started but solar owners are still paid 3.93 pence per unit. The FiT can only be claimed if an MCS accredited company, like Kelly Electrics Renewable Energy Ltd, does your installation.

MCS The Microgeneration Certification Scheme is responsible for making sure solar installations are regulated and done to a high standard. We are a member of the MCS.


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